C3 US-Arab Business Summit: The Importance of Cyber Security, Smart Digital Cities and Bilateral Prosperity

What are the major security challenges facing US and Arab regions? How can we work together to find solutions to the most pressing problems?

Solving the complex, multi-faceted issues facing the challenges of cyber security, "smart" cities and bilateral prosperity require collaboration, innovation, and partnership. Human and financial resources are needed to build the infrastructure to deliver services that are properly and adequately structured to meet changing security burdens. Technologies must be designed and harnessed to foster research and innovation while providing products and services that are effective yet affordable. What role can government and the private sector play to support economic development? Answers to these challenges are being tested and implemented on the world-wide stage and finding success through collaboration, innovation, and global partnerships is the foundation of the C3 US-Arab Business Summit.

Simply stated, this C3 Summit is about exploring solutions, ideas, suggestions, recommendations. Insights that participants can begin to implement immediately to help bring these innovations, pilot projects, cases studies, public-private partnerships and other practical solutions to fruition in the global security and "smart city" with the end goal of creating bilateral prosperity.

As always, the mission of the C3 US-Arab Healthcare Summit is to build, foster and strengthen relationships between U.S. and Arab regions with a focus on the three tenets of C3:

  • Community: create a global healthcare platform for exchanging
    "best practices"
  • Collaboration: promote dialogue and grow existing relationships critical to "healthcare diplomacy"
  • Commerce: facilitate new healthcare ventures and opportunities to stimulate "medical tourism"

The C3 US-Arab Business Summit will assemble business leaders, policy makers, educators and industry professionals to uncover and promote both U.S. and Arab world initiatives that are focused on healthcare improvements.

If the time is now to either establish and grow your business in both the U.S. and Arab World—the C3 US-Arab Business Summit will provide the knowledge "how best" to navigate and reap the benefits of each region’s ample commercial opportunities.

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